Annual Dinner 2018

Many “Old Loughts” only meet each other at this event and many happy memories are brought to mind and shared; although, as with most previous dinners, the old school “boot room” always seems to come up in conversation, sometimes with painful memories.

Some “Old Loughts” this year came especially for this get-together from far afield; including Cornwall, Scotland and Southampton.

The new President, Michael Lane, was presented with a badge of office and gifts including books, a pair of football boots, a cricket bat, boxes of golf balls, and, of course, the obligatory old school cap and scarf from the Association.

This year we were sadly not joined by our guests of previous years, Mr & Mrs Houston, (Harry & Ma), the Headmaster and Senior Teacher at Loughton School, respectively, who many of us remember, with warm affection, from the mid-1950s onwards, due to the very poor health of Mrs Houston. We all wished her a speedy recovery to better health and the hope that we may see them both at next year’s Dinner. We are all grateful for their contribution to our futures following schooldays.

The meal was very enjoyable, Graham Finch was, as always, Master of Ceremonies and the new President’s speech was most entertaining (photos below) and held our attention.

The President spoke of his future after Loughton School days, joining his family business which was a packaging manufacturing company, supplying various industries with bespoke cartons of varying sizes. The company supplied a wide range of industries, including the Ministry of Defence.

Michael spoke of his love of sport, which continued beyond school days, involving football, cricket and latterly, golf.

The evening included Remembrance Day thoughts and poppy sales, together with the role call of those Old Loughtonians who gave their lives in the wars.

All too soon the evening was over and a new Presidency ended its first day.

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