Committee Meeting 12 February 2024

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 12th February 2024 at 7.30pm at OLHC


Gary Bridger, Christopher Tomkins, Michael Lane, Malcolm Trowbridge, Roland Brown, Humphrey Wheeler & Tony Mullins via Skype

The President

Gary Bridger formally opened the meeting and welcomed the few present and wished them a belated Happy New Year

Silent Tribute

The Secretary informed members that regrettably the following members had passed away Roy Fraser(1961) on 6th February 2023. Bill Geller (1942) on 28th December 2023

Members were asked to stand for a few moments

Apologies for Absence

Andrew Kaye who has undergone heart surgery & Keith Pye

Correspondence Received

The Secretary had received a letter from the Secretary of Theydon Bois Cancer Research thanking us for the donation in respect of the glasses we loaned for the dinner.

Henry Taylor (1939) one of our oldest members sent a donation to OLA , in spite of being a life member.

The Secretary reported that having sent our AGM proposition to the Chairman of OLHC, he had suggested a meeting between himself and the Secretary which took place on Friday 22nd December 2023. The meeting discussed the fact that the Hockey Club’s income was down by £60,000:00 due to it’s main sponsor having withdrawn their sponsorship in September 2023 the hockey club needed to make changes.

One scheme had been agreed to the far side of the pitches, another one was to introduce paddle tennis but that was long term project. The hockey club’s offices in all probability are to be let and it was hoped that The Old School Room could be let out for activities. To cut a long meeting short the OLHC could not agree to our proposition because of the forgoing situation.

Minutes of the Last Committee Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 25th September 2023 had already been circularised. The minutes were proposed by Michael Lane & seconded by Chris Tomkins and signed by the President

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the minutes

Social Events

The Secretary reported that is was increasingly difficult to find venues that did not charge a lot of money as we like to add a meal of some sort after an outing. Andrew Kaye had given a book to the Secretary, entitled “London for Free” but this was out of date and covered Greater London. Walks had been discussed but it was felt that many members would not enjoy these. A suggestion from the Secretary would be to arrange another Lunch Cruise on the Thames and this was agreed to be investigated. Another possibility was to visit Nazeing Glassworks.

Clay Pigeon Shoot

Gary Bridger had inquired at the Fyfield Shoot which would be happy to accommodate us on a Wednesday in June, which would work out to be approximately £45:00 per person plus cartridges at 36p each. Regular shooters could supply their own. It was hoped that lunch would be in the Black Bull in Fyfield and their lunch menu costed at between £11-£26, but it also closed at 2:30pm.

Reunion Dinner

The dinner had been a success albeit, rather a rush to layout the room because of the kindergartens slow withdrawal. In view of this the Secretary had made inquires at Chigwell Golf Club to move the dinner to that venue. After an in-depth discussion it was agreed that we should stay at OLHC.

The AGM & Reunion Dinner will take place on Friday 8th November 2024 at OLHC

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that the interest from the bank was £85:00. The dinner made a profit of £46:00 and the computer fees of £237:00 was paid and now covered two years. The accounts were showing a balance of £1100:00

The Association was in a healthy position and the Treasurers report was proposed by Roland Brown & seconded by Chris Tomkins

Membership Report

Due to the Membership Secretary’s absence there was no report. The Treasurer advised the meeting that 4 members had now paid their subscription since the AGM.


Tony Mullins confirmed that he already had articles from Keith Pye and another article from Martin Darlington. Tony Sadler had offered to write an article of his time in Asia in the timber trade So all in all should be another interesting magazine.

Golf Society Events

A society meeting had been arranged at Chigwell Golf Club on Monday 13th May 2024 and Bill Bennett offered to assist with the applications.

Report on the Website

The Webmaster Stefan Sheriden was not at the meeting so there was no report

As agreed there were two obituaries on the website, as an alternative to waiting for the magazine in September/October each year.

Hon. Archivist Report

The Hon. Archivist Chris Plant was not at the meeting so there was no report.

Any Other Business

There was no any other business

There being no further business the President reminded members of the date of the next committee meeting 20th May 2024 and closed the meeting at 8:55pm; with a vote of thanks to the chair.

………………………………………………Signed by The President …………………………..

Committee Meetings for 2024

Monday 20th May 2024 and 16th September 2024 at 7:30pm at OLHC
This year AGM & Reunion Dinner will be held on Friday 8th November 2024

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