Committee Meeting 12 September 2022

Minutes of the Committee meeting held on Monday 12th September 2022 at OLHC at 7.30 pm.

The President

Andrew Gemmill formally opened the meeting and remarked how nice it was to have a virtual full representation of members.


Andrew Gemmill (President) David McAdams (Vice President) Michael Lane, Humphrey Wheeler, Roland Brown, Malcolm Trowbridge, Keith Pye, Andrew Kaye, Chris Tomkins, Gary Bridger,  Chris Plant, Stefan Sheriden & Tony Mullins via Skype.

Silent Tribute:

The President firstly mentioned the death of Queen Elizabeth 11 on the 8th September 2022, together with the names of Maurice Padfield (1940), Roger Timms (1949), who’s service would take place on Friday 7th October 2022. The Secretary informed the meeting of the death of Stuart Liddell(1955).

The President then asked members to stand for a moments silence.




None had been received, however, the Secretary informed members that he had written to the London Transport Museum about the old tickets found at the remembrance service but had never received a reply.

Minutes of last meeting:

Minutes of last meeting held on 9th May 2022:

These had been circularised prior to the meeting

Matters Arising:

The Secretary apologies to Stefan Sheriden for misspelling his name in the minutes.

The minutes were proposed by Stefan Sheriden and seconded by Roland Brown and signed by the President.

Social Events:

A group of OL’s & wives attended The Worshipful Company of Bakers in the City of London on Thursday 19th June for a conducted tour starting with tea/coffee & biscuits and finishing with a glass of Prosecco, before adjourning to Cote Brasserie in St Katherine’s Dock for lunch.   

 Another trip to be persued was a Tour of the Old Bailey. It was also suggested that inquiries be made for a trip to Barts Hospital Museum.

Clay Pigeon Shoot:

Eighteen Shooters attended the CPS on Thursday 19th May 2022 at the Essex Shooting School to compete in the clay & air rifle shooting. Followed by a buffet lunch & prize giving. The Treasurer reported that a small profit had been made this time, unlike the event on October 2021.

Reunion Dinner:

The Secretary reported that plans for the dinner were well in hand, the President elect had chosen the menu. The cost would remain at £40 per head, with wine served to the tables but with decresion  this year!

Treasurer’s Report:

The accounts for the year 2021-2022 had almost been completed been and will be passed to our auditor Gary Bridger to be audited

The Treasurer had suggested a meeting on Thursday 15th September 2022 to discuss the accounts with Chris Tomkins the Hon Assistant Treasurer.

The income account stood at £6,702:00 and the interest had risen from 34p to 89p

 Membership Report:

The Secretary reported that Neil Hackett, now living in Australia had joined the Association.

It was suggested by the Treasurer that a list of paid up members should be sent to Chis Tompkins & the Secretary


Tony Mullins reported that the magazine was now in the post to members together with accompanying inserts & members who were present at the meeting had been handed their magazines. Our thanks once again to Andrew Gemmill and his daughter Kate, who had franked the envelopes again this year which was a great help with regard to the inserting of the magazine and contents. Tony was thanked for another fine issue and Andrew Kaye was also thanked for his article on the

‘History of Loughton School’

Tony then raised the point of when should the current magazine be placed to the website? A lengthy discussion took place and it was unanimously agreed by the meeting that the current magazine should be added to the website following the AGM & dinner each year.

 Golf Days:            

A golf match took place on Monday 16th May 2022 at Chigwell Golf Club, who looked after us extremely well, we even had our own starter, David Miller on the first tee.  Fifteen players, took part and it was suggested that we return again in 2023. A full report appeared in the magazine.

AGM & Reunion Dinner:

This will take place on 11th November 2022 at OLHC as usual preceded by the AGM. The agendas & minutes were handed out to members at the meeting. The Vice President, David McAdams would be taking office and Gary Bridger had agreed to become Vice President for the forthcoming year!


 Stefan Sheriden reported that since the last committee meeting, the website has been updated as follows:

* Clay Pigeon Shoot 2022    * Golf Day 2022    * Trip to Worshipful Company of Bakers

* The Loughtonian Magazine 1956-1960    * 9th May2022 Committee Meeting 

* Committee page amended.

Stefan also reported that additional material was always welcome

Report from Hon. Archivist

Chris Plant confirmed that an email had been received from Catherine Chattington, who’s father & grandfather had both attended Loughton School, their surname being PLEDGER. Some years ago two medals had been presented to the Association by Franklin Harold Pledger for sporting achievements won at the school, which he had had attached to his watch chain. After some correspondence it was decided to return the medals to Catherine. A full report was in the current magazine.

Chris then went on to say that with the passing of Roger Timms(1949) it was now up to the rest of us to maintain ‘protocol’ at the dinner. Suggesting that we should stand for the loyal & silent toasts and should ask the catering staff to refrain from collecting and or serving further dishes.

As Roger Timms had not had anything to do with the reunion dinner for the past 4/5 years the assembled members were unsure as who was being accused of not observing the protocol built up over many years?

Any Other Business:

The Secretary handed out small lapel badges with the wording “OLA Past President” on them.

Those past presidents not at the meeting would be sent theirs in the post.

Keith Pye invited members to the remembrance parade at Loughton RBL on Sunday 13th November 2022 and afterwards at the legion in Loughton.

David McAdams reported that Alan Gould(1951) was now in a care home and was suffering with dementia

The Secretary informed the meeting that the order for 25 new OL’s ties had been received and are to be sold at a cost of £10:00 each

Vote of Thanks:

 To the President for chairing the meeting. The meeting closed at 8:40 pm

………….……………………………….. Signed by the President            Date……………….. 

Dates for 2023:

Monday 13th February, 8th May & 11th September 2023

 AGM & Reunion Dinner 10th November 2023

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