Committee Meeting 13 February 2023

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 13th February 2023 at 7.30pm at OLHC


David McAdams, Andrew Gemmill, Gary Bridger, Michael Lane, Christopher Plant Andrew Kaye,
Malcolm Trowbridge, Keith Pye, Roland Brown, Christopher Tomkins, Stefan Sheriden, Humphrey Wheeler & Tony Mullins via Skype

The President

David McAdams formally opened the meeting and welcomed everybody and wished everybody a belated Happy New Year, with a toast to The King.
It was hoped at this point to welcome the new committee members Natalie Avvoltoio & Steve Crosby. But both had offered the apologies to the meeting.

Silent Tribute

The Secretary informed members that regrettably the following members had passed away Colin Prior (1941) in April 2022, David Nichols (1951) in November 2022, Alan Gould (1951) in November 2022 (Alan’s service of remembrance had been held that afternoon and was attended by The President, Treasurer & Secretary).

Michael Edwards (1951) in December 2022

Apologies for Absence:-

Natalie Avvoltoio & Steve Crosby

Correspondence Received:-

The Secretary and others had received an email from David Welford, about erecting a plaque/sign at the site of Loughton School, as well as suggesting selling the school cups again. The committee had already recorded not the sell the cups. The President asked for a show of hands in respect of erecting a plaque & the disposal of the OLA funds, and this was carried unanimously

Minutes of the Last Committee Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting held on 12th September 2022 have already been circularised. One amendment to be made and that was the meeting held on 9th May 2021 should have read 2022

The minutes were proposed by Humphrey Wheeler & seconded by Chris Tomkins and signed by the President

Matters Arising:-
There were no matters arising from the minutes

Social Events:.

The Secretary reported that this year he had booked a tour of The Royal Courts of Justice, Lincoln’s Inn and the Old Bailey on Monday 24th April 2023 with a toastie lunch at The Viaduct PH in Newgate Street EC1between 1-2 pm when we would return to the Old Bailey. The cost of the tour would be £15:00 (£10:00 for concession) the cost of the buffet was to be confirmed.

Other suggestions had been the Changing of the Guard and a tour of St Paul’s Cathedral

Reunion Dinner :-

The dinner had been a success last year and as mentioned in the Treasurers Report had made a small profit.

The AGM & Reunion Dinner will take place on Friday 10th November 2023 at OLHC

Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer reported that the income was down by about £100:00 but in the previous year we had some generous donations. He had made transfers to the OL Trust of £20:00 and the OLHC of £30:00 as requested on the subscription/dinner applications. The dinner made a small profit of £18:00 but we were still waiting the return of the deposit for the glasses. The Association had now purchased 10 White table cloths for future use. A long discussion took place about the increased cost of the wines supplied by the Club, but it was agreed that the wine would still be supplied at the dinner. The cost of the tickets would be reviewed nearer the time of the dinner when costs were known.

Gary Bridger suggested that he may be able to persuade more ladies to attend the dinner if the subscription fee was waived and that they did not receive a magazine. After much discussion it was agreed to accept this on a trial basis.

The Association was in a heathy position and the Treasurers report was proposed by Roland Brown & seconded by Keith Pye.

Membership Report

Robert Leader (1958) was mentioned as a possible member but the Secretary confirmed that he was already a paid up member.


Tony Mullins confirmed that he already had articles from Alec Speechley about his time in The Royal Marines. As well as an article about Arnold Stroud (1955) which needed more research. So all in all should be another interesting magazine.

Golf Society Events:-

A society meeting had been arranged at Chigwell Golf Club on Monday 15th May 2023 and members had been notified.

Report on the Website:-

Stefan Sheriden reported that since the AGM the following updates were on the website

  • 2 Teachers & 7 student photos for Richard Oakman
  • 1960’s Prospectus from Richard Oakman
  • 2022/2023 OLA Magazines
  • 2021 AGM Minutes
    *2022 AGM & Dinner report & photos
  • Dates for 2023 meetings

The President thanked Stefan for his work maintaining the website.

Hon. Archivist Report:

Chris Plant brought to everyone’s attention that in Charles Dickens novel, David Copperfield a certain abusive headmaster, namely Mr Creakle was likened to a teacher at Loughton School in the mid-fifties, called Mr Allen (better known as Donkey Allen) who found joy in twisting pupils ears.
Chris also thanked Keith Pye, chairman of Loughton RBL for his hospitality on Remembrance Sunday & informed him that he had won a raffle prize & presented Keith with a bottle of wine

Any Other Business:

Item 14 the sale of the silver cups & funds had been covered under item 3 of the agenda.
(The Secretary reminded members that the committee had already voted at the February meeting in 2022 that the cups were not to be sold)

Malcolm Trowbridge then informed members of his meeting with John Reynolds, who is the prime mover in respect of improvements to the Old Loughtonian Hockey Club.

The plans to improve The Old School room were as follows. Replace the existing lighting with LED lighting, to purchase new folding tables which could easily be moved around the room. To provide more cupboard space in the hallway leading to TOSR (The Old School Room). The Hockey Club had also bought some more second-hand round tables for their own functions but had also purchased new white table cloths which for a small charge would be available to OLA for their dinner. All of this was agreed as it only helped the Association.

However John wanted to move the room around by putting the 3 glass trophy cabinets along the back wall and moving our Presidents board as well as the 2 rolls of honour boards, which was unacceptable.

Since the committee meeting a further meeting has taken place between Malcolm & John where it was decided to move the cabinets elsewhere as they mainly housed Hockey trophies rather that cups for Loughton School.

Michael Lane informed the meeting that because of his ‘twinning work’ in Epping with there counterparts in Germany Humphrey Wheeler had been made a Freeman of the Town of Epping

There being no further business the President reminded members of the date of the next committee meeting 9th May 2022 and closed the meeting at 9:20 pm; with a vote of thanks to the chair.

   ......................................................Signed by The President       ….............................    Date

Committee Meetings-

Monday 15th May 202 at 7:30pm @ OLHC
Monday 25th September 2023 at 7:30pm @ OLHC


This years AGM & Reunion Dinner will be held on Friday 10th November 2023


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