Committee Meeting 25 September 2023

Minutes of the Committee meeting held on Monday 25th September 2023 at OLHC at 7.30 pm.

The President

David McAdams formally opened the meeting and welcomed the new committee members Natalie Avvoltoio & Bill Bennett


David McAdams (President) Gary Bridger (Vice President) Michael Lane, Humphrey Wheeler, Roland Brown, Malcolm Trowbridge, Keith Pye, Chris Tomkins, Chris Plant, Stefan Sheriden, Natalie Avvoltoio & Bill Bennett. We were unable to make contact with Tony Mullins via Skype.

Silent Tribute

The Secretary informed the meeting of the death of Neil Goodall (1957) & Malcolm Rood (1955) The President then asked members to stand for a moments silence.


Andrew Gemmill & Andrew Kaye


The Secretary outlined to the meeting a brief history of the correspondence between the OLA & OLHC, which started when Malcolm Trowbridge & Andrew Kaye (The President in 2021) both attended the AGM of the OLHC, in September 2021 and were surprised that the Chairman & assembled members had no idea that the OLA had made a LOAN of £5,000:00 to the OLHC and that this did not show in the OLHC accounts. Correspondence carried on between The Secretary of the OLA & The Chairman of OLHC. In July 2023 The Officers of the Association thought that an EGM should be called and at the meeting it was decided to put to the committee meeting in September 2023 the following motion:-

“That the OLA are prepared to write off the loan of £5,000:00 to the OLHC if they can have an undertaking from the OLHC that The Old School Room can be used for our meetings for the life of the OLA”

This motion was carried unanimously by those members at the committee meeting on 25th September 2023 and would now be put to the AGM on 10th November 2023

Stefan Sheriden had received correspondence from Krystal, our host for the website to indicate that their fees were increasing to £132 inc. vat pa for one year or £237:60 inc. vat pa. The assembled members voted to agree to the terms for a two year period.

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of last meeting held on 15th May 2023: These had been circularised prior to the meeting

Matters Arising

The minutes were proposed by Roland Brown and seconded by Keith Pye and signed by the President. There being no matters arising.

Social Events

The Secretary stated that the proposed trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral had proved to be expensive at about £28:00 per person with a proposed ‘Afternoon Tea’ to follow afterwards. However Chris Tomkins had a contact at the venue and would discuss a possible trip.

Another suggestion had been Bart’s Hospital Museum, but this is closed till 2025 for re-development. Other suggestions were The Guildhall, Tilbury Fort, Southend to Gravesend ferry & Essex Fire Museum.

Clay Pigeon Shoot

Twenty-three Shooters attended the CPS on Thursday 26th June 2023 at the Essex Shooting School to compete in the clay shooting. The President David McAdams & his wife Penny joined us for a buffet lunch & prize giving. The Treasurer reported that a small profit had been made this time.
A provisional date had been made for 24th June 2024 but the venue may change to Ongar Shoot with lunch afterwards to The Bull PH

Reunion Dinner

The Secretary reported that plans for the dinner were well in hand, the President elect had chosen the menu. The cost this year would be £45 per head, with wine served to the tables but with discretion this year!

Treasurer’s Report

Humphrey Wheeler, The Treasurer produced a draft set of accounts for the year 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2023. This showed the Association in a healthy financial position, subscriptions mainly static and the outings and sporting events had made a small profit which all helped to increase income over the year!

The draft accounts would now go to Gary Bridger for auditing.

The Treasurer’s report was proposed by Chris Tomkins & seconded by Michael Lane.

Membership Report

The Secretary & The Treasurer had a meeting with our new Membership Secretary Natalie Avvoltoio and imparted as much information as necessary regarding outstanding subscriptions.

Natalie reported that she had sent letters or emails to the outstanding members and that hopefully their subscriptions would follow. This task is a marathon not a short sprint.


As we were unable to connect via Skype with Tony Mullins. The Secretary handed Magazines to the committee with accompanying inserts. Our thanks once again to Andrew Gemmill and his daughter Kate for franking the mailing envelopes. Tony was thanked for another fine issue and Alec Speechley was also thanked for his article on his time in “The Armed Forces”

Tony has raised with The Secretary that should we include on the website any obituaries as it was sometimes twelve months before members were made aware. This may encourage members to use the Website more than previously. Although we did not want to make the Website a list of obituaries, but maybe one line could be included relating to any deaths.

Golf Days

A golf match had been booked for Monday 13th May 2024 at Chigwell Golf Club. Bill Bennett said he would assist with applications as he was a member at Chigwell.

AGM & Reunion Dinner

This will take place on 10th November 2023 at OLHC as usual preceded by the AGM. The agendas & minutes were handed out to members at the meeting. The Vice President, Gary Bridger would be taking office and Chris Tomkins had agreed to become Vice President for the forthcoming year!


Stefan Sheriden reported that since the last committee meeting, the website has been updated as follows:

  • Clay Pigeon Shoot 2023
  • Golf Day 2023
  • Article from Roger Whittle
  • Shooting Champion Gary Bridger
  • Minutes from 15th May 2023 Meeting
  • School Demolition photo added to Loughton School final days.

Stefan also reported that additional material was always welcome

Report from Hon. Archivist

Chris Plant reported that the cup cupboards had been moved & perhaps it was time for a larger bookcase which was available from a second-hand furniture shop in Chingford. He also suggested that we should donate a blazer to an outstanding younger player from the OLHC but it was agreed that it would not be a good idea as the recipient would probably not wear the blazer.

Chris then went on to say that he had managed to recover a lost picture for Jackie Butler of her Son.

John Batchelor (1954) was giving a talk on his saddlery business on Friday 9th November at 8:00 pm at Loughton Methodist Church and it would be nice if the OL’s could support this event.

Any Other Business

Keith Pye invited members to the remembrance parade at Loughton RBL on Sunday 12th November 2023 and afterwards at the legion in Loughton. As Gary Bridger laid the wreath last year due to David’s incapacity, Gary asked if David would like to take Gary’s place this year.

Vote of Thanks

To the President was thanked for chairing the meeting which closed at 8:45 pm

………….……………………………….. Signed by the President Date………………..

Dates for 2024:
Monday 12th February, 13h May & 23rd September 2024
AGM & Reunion Dinner 8th November 2024

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