Committee Meeting 7 February 2022

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 7th February 2022 at 7.30pm at OLHC


Andrew Gemmill, Michael Lane, Christopher Plant,  Andrew Kaye, Malcolm Trowbridge,  Keith Pye, Roland Brown, Gary Bridger, Christopher Tomkins & Stefan Sheriden

The President Andrew Gemmill  formally opened the meeting and welcomed everybody and wished them a belated Happy New Year.

Silent Tribute

The Secretary informed members that he was pleased to say that to his knowledge he had not heard of any deaths but had heard that Ray Hamilton (1948) was terminally ill in Exeter Hospital. He also mentioned that David McAdams was still in Basildon Hospital but was making progress and Gary Bridger confirmed that Roger Timms was now in a care home in Epping.

Apologies for Absence:- 

David McAdams, Tony Mullins, Humphrey Wheeler & Michael Judd

Correspondence Received:-

 The Secretary reported that 3 old bus tickets had been discovered in one of the bowler hats at the Remembrance Service and he had written to London Transport Museum but to date had not had a reply.

Minutes of the Last Committee Meeting:

 The minutes of the last meeting held on 13th September 2021 have already been circularised.

The minutes were proposed by Keith Pye & seconded by Roland Brown and signed by the President

Matters Arising:-

The Secretary apologised for omitting Stefan Sheriden’s name from those attending the September meeting. 

Social Events:. 

The Secretary reported that this year Chris Tomkins had offered to organise a tour of the Worshipful Company of Bakers followed by refreshments. At the time of the meeting a date had not been agreed but the very next day the date was agreed that the tour would take place on Thursday 9th June 2022 and members would be notified.

The other trip for later in the year was a tour of The Old Bailey in London. Roland Brown passed to the Secretary a contact for the Old Bailey

In spite of the Clay Pigeon Shoot making a loss last year, which the Secretary took full responsibility for, it was agreed to ask the Essex Shooting School if they would be prepared to have the shoot again in May/June.

Reunion Dinner :-

The dinner had been a success last year and, as mentioned in the Treasurers Report, had made a small profit. As suggested at the last meeting, members should be given the choice of moving the dinner to  May in future years or having it in November as before. The Secretary reported that in spite of all attendees being asked to return the dinner applications to him he had only received 20 replies.

Which were as follows:- 5 stated May, 11 stated November and 4 abstained. It was therefore agreed that the dinner would be held in November as before.

The AGM & Reunion Dinner will take place on Friday 11th November 2022 at OLHC

Treasurer’s Report:

 In the Treasurer’s absence the Secretary read the following statement:-

1)  The subscriptions this year have increased by £420.00 although this is not apparent in the accounts because last year we had donations of nearly £450.00.

2)  It is good to see that the Dinner has shown a profit of £19.82 with some good housekeeping by Malcolm.

3)  The income minus outgoings should be in the region of £650.00

4)  Computer outgoings have been reduced by £240.00 this year as we take full advantage of the sterling work done by Stefan, who we must thank.  Another saving is the magazine printing which was reduced by £184.00 mainly due to the mailing list being reduced by Malcolm.  The postage is down by £280.00 thanks to the generosity of our President who used his franking system to send out the magazines at no cost to the association. I am sure that we will all give him a vote of thanks and also to our other benefactors.

5)  The bad news is that the shoot day lost £199.04 and this would have been a lot more had Malcolm not subsidised it out of his own pocket. Once again we have to thank Malcolm for all the work he puts into organising these events.

6)   I would suggest that we ask all the people who wish to take part in these events to pay upfront, before a time to be set by the organiser, in order that we can cancel if there are not enough takers and hence make sure the association is not out of pocket.

Membership Report

The Secretary reported that 4 new members had recently joined the Association.


In Tony Mullins’ absence, Malcolm Trowbridge confirmed that the magazine was another great success and our thanks to Tony for his sterling work. The Secretary also confirmed his thanks to Andrew Gemmill for his kind donation with regard to the postage.

Golf Society Events:-

A society meeting had been arranged at Chigwell Golf Club on Monday 16th May 2022 and members had been notified.

Report on the Website:-

 Stefan Sheriden reported that he had printed off a Menu for the website and these were handed round. He had posted on the site “My first day at Loughton School” and members had already responded to this. At the dinner John Kilby (1968) had given Stefan information regards Mr. MacDonald a popular teacher in the early days. The first hand-written magazine had been found and extracts were being put on the website as well as items from magazines produced between 2000 to 2022. The President thanked Stefan for all his work in respect of the website which was echoed by the Committee.

Hon. Archivist Report:

Chris Plant reminded members that the President’s board was not up to date and it was agreed that this needed to be attended to. He also reported that we had now received the third “twinned” toilet plaque. He then thanked Keith Pye for his generosity at the Remembrance Service lunch which members had enjoyed. The Secretary reminded Chris that he was still owed for the two wreaths and would advise the Treasurer of the cost!

Any Other Business:

It was decided unanimously that the silver cups should not be sold. However, Roland Brown suggested that there ought to be a ‘time capsule’ for the future when the Association was no more.

 The Secretary advised members that a small lapel badge with the logo & words “Past President” would cost £2:50 each and that 20 should be ordered. The suggestion to have engraved names on the reverse was discussed and would be investigated.

Keith Pye suggested a ‘ladies night’ for wives and partners and after some discussion, the President suggested that it could be a luncheon at the hockey club with a view to watching a 1st X1 hockey match afterwards. The Secretary said he would report back.              

There being no further business the President reminded members of the date of the next committee meeting 9th May 2022 and closed the meeting at 8:35 pm; with a vote of thanks to the chair.

       ………………………………………………Signed by The President       …………………………..    Date

Committee Meetings- 

   Monday 9 May 2022 at 7:30pm @ OLHC

   Monday 12th September 2022 at 7:30pm  @ OLHC   


This year’s AGM & Reunion Dinner will be held on Friday 11th November 2022

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