Roger Whittle

Roger (1955-60) has recently been in touch with our secretary, Malcolm Trowbridge and kindly sent a few photos he found in his mother’s effects .

Thanks to Malcolm for the following:

Roger was very into music and was the lead guitarist in the school skiffle group with myself on guitar and Richard (Mowbray) King on Drums and from memory Guy Dixon was on “tea chest bass”. The master in charge was David Abbott (Sports Master). Whilst practicing one lunch hour, which over ran, Freddy Legg in the next door class was heard to say ” HOW MUCH LONGER ARE THOSE BLAME BOYS GOING ON THOSE BIG BANJO’S “
We performed at the Lopping Hall at the annual amateur dramatic show.

Roger went on from school with two classmates David Keen and Chas Chandler to perform in Germany and did manage to get a spot on Radio Luxembourg, but the group disbanded when they found girls.

Roger emigrated to Canada in 1965 and although making frequent visits to Great Britain has made his life in Canada. We hope to see him at the annual dinner this year!

Mr Sykes (who took English) Mr Scott (who took French) and Mr Gibbons (who took Science)
Billy Page, Michael Lane, Derick Wallace and Roger Whittle
Roger’s mother underlined his sports day results

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