Roy Fraser

Roy Fraser
Roy Fraser 24.03.50 – 06.02.23

Roy (1961) passed away from Cancer at the Macmillan Unit on 6th February 2023

The following has been extracted from the web page created by his daughter, Nina Fraser. Please visit for the full obituary.

“It’s an almost impossible task to sum up someones life in a few words, especially after such a recent and swift experience of his demise, but I will try to take on this tribute with a light spirit, remembering the incredible diversity of both his career and personal life.

Roy really did have a remarkable career, spanning 30 years as a Sound studio manager at BBC Broadcasting House, and another 10 years independently working for Pier Productions in Brighton, whilst still finding the time to write three novels, record a huge library of sound effects, embark on a passion for sailing and boats, and discover a love of vintage cameras (not only using them but restoring them and selling them online). He also had an active membership with the YHA walking group and previous to that an extensive climbing hobby.  Attentive to his family, he was never demanding, always giving us time, even after a busy commute into London each day. I always admired his way of managing to forge his own passions for travel (whilst making sure to charge the BBC for expenses!) He was rigorous in his organisation, travelling to Norway to gather research for his novel, whilst collecting sound effects for the BBC library… (He once nearly left his recording equipment, loaned to him from the BBC, on a train in the Lofoten islands…)

Later, in retirement, he re-discovered his passion for music, and lived a second life, teaching himself guitar, songwriting, violin and classical music compositions. He was extremely dedicated to the violin, having reached grade 8 just before he passed away. He was grateful to be accepted as a violinist at the New Forest Orchestra. Unfortunately he didn’t manage to play his first concert with the group, but I remember how much of a milestone this was for him to be accepted.”

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