Annual Dinner 2019

The dinner took place around 8pm on Friday 8th November with 65 people attending this year, unfortunately due to health & long distance travelling three members cried off at the last minute, Tony Mullins, Michael Nicholson & John McAdams.

We all enjoyed a very nice 3 course meal followed by cheese & biscuits with tea or coffee. The committee had agreed to maintain the cost of the dinner to £35 per head, which has been held for the last 5/6 years, and also to put more wine on the table and although most members drive to the event, the unused bottles were left on the bar for members to take home.

The Secretary informed members that he had spoken to Meredith Houston in recent weeks and that he and Eleanor would have to decline the Associations kind offer to attend the dinner as they were virtually now housebound. The Secretary also announced that they would both be 90 years of age in March 2020.

The evening went very quickly and from comments on the night and by emails later the following week everyone appeared to have enjoyed themselves.

Next year’s 95th AGM and Dinner will be on Friday 6th November 2020.

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