Things Teachers Say

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Fred Legg

I have many fond memories of Loughton School, particularly in the sports category. However, there were odd occasions when a teacher made a definite impression on a child like me who wanted nothing more than to get off home and play with my friends.

One day, my teacher, Fred Legg, Loughton School’s own Mr Chips, was talking to us candidly about adult life outside the school environment. He explained what we would come up against in the workplace, and the types of people we would probably meet. He got onto the subject of human qualities and one topic was that of “leadership”. I put up my hand and asked how he would describe leadership. He replied with a sentence that has stayed with me for nearly 60 years, and I, in turn, pass it on to other youngsters.

He said “Leadership is like handling string… you can pull a piece of string but you can’t push it”.

Andrew Kaye

If you have any favourite “teacher- sayings” that made an impression on you, please let us know and we will include it here.

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