Stationers’ Hall Visit

For the first outing of 2019 on Friday 10th May 2019, 18 Old Loughtonians and wives/partners visited Stationers’ Hall incorporating the Wren church of St Martin within Ludgate.

We met outside the church at 10:30 on a rather chilly morning and were glad to go into church. Our two guides were Desmond O’Rourke & Chris Reycoft-Davies  who firstly explained that the church was not a parish church but was open to the public for recitles  but was mainly the church of The Stationers’ Company.

We were than led to the garden which was in a courtyard laid out  with tables and chairs.The hall itself was magnificent and the whole place had a feeling of history and pageantry as we were led from one room to another, finishing in the Court Room.This was followed by tea/coffee and biscuits and a question and answer session.

Seventeen of us then walked the short walk to Cote Brasserie in Ludgate Hill for an excellent lunch at 12:30 the last of us emerging at 4:30 pm.

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